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Thanks for recommending this silly, inane but super fun book! As you instructed first their papa red to the kids and later my elder one read it to the younger one....And my God....They are rolling with laughter! Its fascinating how some books can help you achieve some goals (read sibling bonding) so effortlessly.

The Book with no Pictures

Code: CKB16720000HO


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100 MUST Reads for Babies and Toddlers. Of this list we have the following in our library. Check them out.....

The Grouchy Ladybug

Code: CKD01960000HO

Horton Hears a Who!

Code: CKB10140001HO

We`re going on a Bear Hunt

Code: CKB10090000HO

The very Hungry Caterpillar

Code: CKB09920000HO

A pocket for Corduroy

Code: CKB09680000HO

Dr. Seuss - Miles & Miles of Reptiles

Code: CKB09160001HO

Dr. Seuss - I`ll teach my dog 100 words

Code: CKB09170001HO

Dr. Seuss - The Eye Book

Code: CKB09180001HO

Dr. Seuss - Are you my Mother?

Code: CKB09190001HO

Dr. Seuss - Oh say can you say Di No Saur? - All about Dinosaurs

Code: CKB09200000HO

Dr. Seuss - A Great Day for Pup - all about baby animals

Code: CKB08090001HO

Dr. Seuss -There`s no place like Space - all about our Solar System

Code: CKB08100000HO

Dr. Seuss - Wish for a Fish - all about sea creatures

Code: CKB08110001HO

Yes, Hutoxi!

Code: CKB05910000HO

Dr. Seuss - If I ran the Zoo

Code: CKB02010001HO

Dr. Seuss - Mr. Brown can MOO can you?

Code: CKB02020001HO

Dr. Seuss - The Sneetches and Other Stories

Code: CKB02030001HO

Dr. Seuss - Oh, The Thinks you can Think

Code: CKB02040001HO

Dr. Seuss - I can read with my eyes shut

Code: CKB02050000HO

Dr. Seuss - Wacky Wednesday

Code: CKB02060001HO

Dr. Seuss - Horton hatches the Egg

Code: CKB02070001HO

Dr. Seuss - The Cat in the hat comes back

Code: CKB02080001HO

Dr. Seuss - The shape of me and other stuff

Code: CKB02090001HO

Dr. Seuss - Horton hears a Who

Code: CKB02100001HO

Dr. Seuss - On beyond Zebra

Code: CKB02110001HO

Dr. Seuss - Daisy - head Mayzie

Code: CKB02120001HO

Dr. Seuss - Marvin K. Mooney will you please go Now

Code: CKB02130001HO

Dr. Seuss - Happy Birthday to you

Code: CKB02140000HO

Dr. Seuss - The 500 hats of Bartholomew Cubbins

Code: CKB02150001HO

Dr. Seuss - I wish that I had Duck Feet

Code: CKB02160001HO

Dr. Seuss - There`s a Wocket in my Pocket

Code: CKB02170001HO

Dr. Seuss - Thidwick the big hearted Moose

Code: CKB02180001HO

Dr. Seuss - I had trouble in getting to Solla Sollew

Code: CKB02190001HO

Dr. Seuss - Sleep Book

Code: CKB02200001HO

Dr. Seuss`s ABC - an amazing Alphabet book

Code: CKD06940001HO

Dr. Seuss Hand Hand Fingers Thumb

Code: CKD05730001HO

What do Smurfs Do All Day?

Code: CKD04090001HO

Dr. Seuss -There`s a Wocket in my Pocket!

Code: CKD04100001HO

Dr. Seuss -The Foot Book

Code: CKD04110001HO

Dr. Seuss -Great Day for UP!!

Code: CKD04120001HO

Dr. Seuss - The Cat in the Hat

Code: CKD03730001HO

Dr. Seuss - The Cat in the Hat

Code: CK 02090001HO

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