Happy Curious Kids

Surbhi Arjun Mukhija's mom:

My 6 year old is a very choosy fellow. Very few people/places catch his interest. Curious Kids is one such place which fascinates him! We both just love visiting the library as it has a very positive and vibrant feel to it. The whole set up is very reader friendly. Curious Kids has introduced us to the beautiful world of Dr.Seuss, Time Life and Usborne Series. We have also picked up some wonderful games from here which help promote thinking and problem solving skills and are not commonly seen in the market. A special mention for Shalaka who is so well versed with all the stuff at the library. She is flexible, always full of life, experimental and make selection process easier with her helpful recommendations. In all, it is a beautiful experience to be a part of Curious Kids Library. May its tribe increase!!

Rashmi Aashna Bisht's mom:

Aashna (member since....) looks forward to visiting Curious Kids Library. She loves the concept of selecting books and toys for herself.... Malu Bhalu, Aliens love underpants, Butterfly Butterfly are some of her favourites. All thanks to Shalaka and Jia, our kids get to play with sucha huge variety of toys and get to access such amazing books... Thanks guys.... Kudos.

Dipika, Kiaan Dey's mom:

The smile on my kid’s face when he gets a new book from the library makes my day. Yes, Curious Kids has a good repertoire of books catering to diverse age groups. Also, storytelling on Saturdays are fun times for my kid and relax time for me. Thanks to Curious Kids for making my life easier.

Bindiya, Delisha Kapadia's mom:

Thanks a ton Shalaka......for giving me skates for Delisha this morning. Please watch the video (attached)....i didn’t have to teach her....she knew it bossss...

Happy Curious Kids

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