Theme Based Educational Kit


Product : CKTEK 0021

"Time to eat/ sleep/ play/ put your toys away etc". What exactly is TIME? How does one read time and know when its time to do something or another? Does it ever stop? This theme introduces basic time telling skills and the idea of doing things at the right time. Turn the clock hands in Lets Tell the Time. Talk about your daily routine in What is the Time? See Lauren get in and out of trouble in Whats the Time Mr. Wolf? Learn to tell time with the Learning Blox.


Product : CKTEK 0020

The Calender Theme introduces the days of the week and months of the year in a fun way. Helps the child understand the concept of weekdays and weekends and why we need to follow our routine during the week and weekends are for masti. Knowing months of the year is useful to remember your friends birthdays and experience the various seasons. Watch different life forms emerge month by month in the Free Mountain. Wait for the rains with the Little Frog. Explore the months of the year as you spend One Year with Kipper. Learn the Days of the Week with puzzles.


Product : CKTEK 0019

How often have we heard this statement, "Better to be safe than sorry". It becomes more relevant and believable when it comes to our children. This collection shows the kids how to protect themselves at home and outside following a few simple but effective rules. Lets spend A Day at the Police Station. How do we stay safe in the safest place - Home! How can we stay safe while playing outside or while we are outdoors! Learn from Max how to identify Friends and Strangers. A Fun book of Health and Safety.

Water - H2O

Product : CKTEK 0018

Everyone loves water - Ocean waves, a gurgling stream- brings out the child in us. Water is one of our basic need. Lets helps the kids realize the importance of water and its conservation in our lives. Help a frightened chick find its way back home in the pond in A Loon Alone. Enjoy bubbles and puddles with 3 Playtime Stories. Help the Frog on the Log find a new home. Help a snail find its way back home to the ocean in Sally and the Limpet. Watch the girl in the water bring back Siri's Smile. Learn the Water cycle in a fun method and have fun learning the various Uses of Water.

Folk Tales Across India

Product : CKTEK 0017

India is a multi cultural country. There are a lot of similarities between us,but there are also differences. Read a story about a young shepherd biy from Kashmir - Gulla and the Hangul! Enjoy a folk tale from Tamil Nadu - Magic Vessels. Putul and the Dophins is set in a small fishing village of Bengal. Read about a day in the life of The Gujjars!


Product : CKTEK 0016

All kids are either fascinated or scared of Dinosaurs. The Jurassic Park movies brought them close to the kids. However, all the dinosaurs are not ferocious as the T- Rex. Come meet a few Dinosaurs!How did Dinosaurs get well when they fell ill? Lets roar and Say Hello to the Dinosaurs with baby T REX as our guide :) Read all the details about the find of the Century - SUE.


Product : CKTEK 0015

Having brothers and sisters teaches the kids to get along with others. They may fight a lot but they share and equally strong bond. The continous fighting and making up will be good practice for Conflict resolution later in life.Celebrate Rabbit's Happy Day as he meets his new brothers and sisters. Discover Sara's Secret Place which becomes so much more fun when she shares it with her brothers. Read how a brother tries to get away from his sister in the hilarious tale, Sister for Sale! Watch the siblings Topsy and Time Learn to Swim! Enjoy the Build a Story picture cards with siblings and cousins.

Weather and Seasons

Product : CKTEK 0014

Mom its raining, Mom its HOT, Mom I am feeling cold, Mom come fast - see a rainbow, Mom lets go see snow. How often have the kids made these statements. Discover all kinds of weather with your favourite Disney character in What Will You Do Today?Big Ears to the Rescue on a very rainy day in Toyland. Know why tortoises should hibernate (sleep) in winter and what happens if they don’t in Ridiculous!Enjoy a magical Snowy Day outdoors.Do you know what is The Sun's Handkerchief? Find out what you see, eat and wear in different seasons while playing with the Weather Watch game


Product : CKTEK 0013

MISSION RECYCLE!Our children are our future.Lets leave them a healthy and plentiful environment when we pass the reigns to them :)They deserve it just as our parents taught us to love and take care of Mother Earth.We have abused her but not all is lost.Lets learn ourselves and teach our kids how to reduce, reuse and recycle. Find out in Choose to Reuse. What treasures you could make from someone else's trash? I'm not too little to help the Earth and neither are you! Will you join Michael Recycle on his mission? Class 2D kids are surprised when all the rubbish starts to disappear when Recycled!!


Product : CKTEK 0012

Children notice differences at a very early age.People look different, sound different, behave differently in the same situation.The Natural World is equally diverse.As parents we need to acknowledge and teach the children to accept and respect this diversity.This theme is collated to aid the parent with tools to introduce this important social skill to the children.Laugh with the dog as he discovers that Fish Don’t Play Ball.Spot the Differences in various scenarios.The Ugly Duckling , a classic Fairy Tale about a duck's transformation into a beautiful swan. Enjoy playing the Classification game.

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