Theme Based Educational Kit


Product : CKTEK 0011

Your home is your child's first introduction to the world.It is the place your child knows and loves best and feels most secure.What could be more fun than learning about and creating her home.Young children are curious and eager to explore everything in and around their homes.Enjoy a Lazy Funday Sunday at home with your family.Locate Sameer's House in the Universe. Open and enjoy the 3D house in The House. Match animals and their Habitats

My Neighbourhood

Product : CKTEK 0010

For a young child, your home is its whole world.As they grow up, they become aware of their immediate surroundings and the neighbourhood. Learning about the different people in your neighbourhood will the child understand the concept of a community. Help Arthur find his way in Arthur Lost and Found. Walk around the neighbourhood as you return Eena's Library Book. Visit a restaurant, watch a fire engine an a parade around the neighbourhood as you see Friendly Faces everywhere.Explore the neighbourhood with Amy as she locates the owner of a parcel in Surprise Surprise. PictureTalk on what you see In The Street.

Indian Mythology

Product : CKTEK 0009

We all grew up on stories our Parents and Grandparents told us. These stories had Gods & Goddesses, Prince & Princesses and their thrilling but bloody battles with the Evil Demons or Rakhshasas. Nowadays the kids heroes are Woody, Ben 10, Noddy,Wimpy Kid. In such a situation it’s a challenge for us parents to introduce and familiarize our kids with these ancient folklore.These tales were bloody and complex , however, this theme narrates stories from yore in an age appropriate manner.Find out How the Lizard can never remember and Why the Cuckoo doesn’t build a nest. Also find out How the elephant got his ears and Why the peacock lost his voice. Retelling of the Ramayana can be Sweet and Salty as Penchilyya finds out. Krishna Rocks! And has always.Meet The Pleasant Rakshasa who cant bear to see others unhappy. Play the desi version of I SPY with Where's Hanuman?


Product : CKTEK 0008

Our kids start school in playschool format from the age of 18 months to 2 years.Most of us adults have fond memories of school and all the fun we had. How do you explain to a 18 month old or 2 year old what is School and why do we have to go daily to school?Find out why I Like School? Conquer your fears with Countdown to Kindergarten.Play School with Dick and Jane.


Product : CKTEK 0007

Kids are fascinated by what adults do - play acting mom and dad, doctor, taking roll call as a teacher, making rotis like the cook, watch the carpenter use his tools, drive the car like the driver and many more. Kidzania has introduced so many more professions.Help Baby Bunny decide what he wants to be in The Bunny Book. Discover if He Bear can do everything She Bear can? Work People Big Picture Workbook introduces different professions in a very child friendly manner. Enjoy solving the Occupation Puzzles.

Get Well Soon

Product : CKTEK 0006

Children are either scared of, or fascinated by, the doctor.The Get Well Soon theme has been specially collated to gently explain how we sometimes fall sick but once we visit the doctor and with medications we start feeling better.Lift the flaps and find out what is Corduroy's Sweet Surprise for his sick friend Dolly. What happens when Gajapati Kulapati catches a cold? Read how a little boy recovers from Itchy Itchy Chicken Pox.

Born to be Wild

Product : CKTEK 0005

All children love animals.Do they know their habitats? Where do we see wild animals except the zoo? Have fun with lots of different animals in The Treasury of Safari Tales.Read Aloud Stories will tell you how luck the Tiger is, how Happy Lollipop Bear is and How the Hen got a new house….. Read how a clever old lady outwit the cunning fox, Kolaba in a delightful folk tale from Maharashtra. Solve the Jungle Puzzle.


Product : CKTEK 0004

Kids can rattle off names of their friends, they often have little understanidng of 'what being a good friend'is all about.Friendship is one of the most important social skills our children will acquire. As parents , its our responsibility to teach them HOW to be a good friend.Find A Friend for Flash who is sad and lonely. Watch how Amanda and Emily discover true friendship in Best Friends wear Pink Tutus.Go on an adventure with Tiberius and the Friendly Dragon. Play Snap It with your friends.

Fairy Tales 2

Product : CKTEK 0003

Once upon a time, there was……Fairy tales - make believe stories full of magic and happily ever afters - are a natural favourite with kids of all ages.Cinderella with a new twist in Dogerella. Meet The Frog Prince and the princess!Relive the fantastic adventure of the classic Thumbelina. And you have the The Nicest Naughtiest Fairy.

Fairy Tales

Product : CKTEK 0002

Once upon a time, there was……Fairy tales - make believe stories full of magic and happily ever afters - are a natural favourite with kids of all ages.This theme has been specially collated to transport your child into the magical world of fairies, monsters, princes and princesses.Touch and feel the classic Cinderella story with a twist in Cinderella Bunny. Enjoy 3 classic fairy tales in the Fairy Tale Treasury.Catch the first day of school excitement in Zoe at Fairy School!Arrange picture cards to tell your version of the four classic fairy tales with Clever Cubes - Tell Tales

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